Mar 102015
Girl Meets Grommet Machine

This is going to be short, so sit loosely. All I want to do here is tell you about a grommet machine I got from It was a gift, so this is sort-of a sponsored post. So I spent all of last week upcycling a pair of regular rain boots into a pair of

Apr 102014
Simplified Folded Book Art

If you’ve ever seen books with the pages folded into the shape of words and wondered how the heck it’s done, here is one method. I’ve seen methods that use precise mathematical calculations for each page and the use of a ruler for each fold. Thanks to my laziness, I came up with this simpler

Feb 132014
Latex-Like Frog Face Makeup

This frog face makeup is yet another in a series of fauxtex makeup ideas for Halloween or costume parties. It is ideal for people who are allergic to real latex. Fauxtex is a homemade substitute for latex made with tapioca flour, water, gelatin and solid coconut oil (though the oil is optional). It is easy

Sep 072013
Homemade Reptilian FX Makeup

The first time I cooked up a batch of fauxtex (homemade latex), I used it to make a Halloween Zombie effect. But I also wanted to see how this latex substitute could be used for non-gory makeup, so I did this reptilian skin makeup as an example of how you can use fauxtex for movie-quality

Aug 192013
Best Homemade Body Paint

I’ve recently been experimenting with homemade body paints, and after trying all the recipes online and getting bad results, I did my own series of experiments using cheap items I had around the house. I’m glad to report that you can get very good theatrical makeup results with cheap materials. First, I’ll tell you what

Jul 112013
DIY Chandelier with Solar Lights

Here in an easy and inexpensive solar powered chandelier you can make for your next garden or beach party. This poor bicycle rim has gone through several incarnations–first as a wind-powered water pump, then as a floating garden, then a baby float, and finally this solar chandelier (oh the things you can make with free

Jul 032013
How to Lengthen Curtains

My sister and I recently remodeled Mom’s bedroom to give it a fresher, more country look. It was originally a deep golden yellow with orange-ish dark wood trim and doors, and we changed the color scheme to light blue and white with dark brown accents, after something we saw in a Better Homes and Gardens

Jun 222013
How to DRAW MY LIFE for Youtube

I just finished one of the hardest Youtube videos I’ve ever done. It’s a DRAW MY LIFE video done in simple black and white drawings that condenses my 50-some years on this planet into seven minutes. After watching several other DRAW MY LIFE videos on Youtube and being immensely entertained and informed, I thought it

Jun 182013
Couture Waders

When I made these couture waders, I had no idea Prada had already brought waders into the world of high fashion. My waders were made out of necessity. I often have to wade into our mucky irrigation pond, and the water boots I had were too short. Also, fishermen’s waders were too big and too

Jun 122013
Easy Floating Garden

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to make a floating garden for a backyard pond. I’ve had an ongoing battle with my pond trying to keep the algae from taking over. One thing I did was buy a bunch of goldfish to eat the algae. I started with 50 goldfish and now thanks to