Feb 092016
Printable Skin Prototype

I’ve been working at an artist’s print studio for a couple years now and getting acquainted with all the forms of printing–linoprinting, woodcut, lithography, monoprinting, etching, etc. I have not had much hands on in the studio. Mainly, what I’ve gained has been from observation. But I know that “what goes in” to this weird

Apr 232012
How to Make Mayonnaise

A couple days ago my sister noticed we were out of mayonnaise and suggested I whip some up and do a tutorial at the same time. My first reaction was, why do a tutorial? Doesn’t everyone know how to make mayonnaise? Well, according to Google, there are a lot of people looking for homemade mayonnaise

Mar 202012
How to Make Brazilian-Style White Rice

Having grown up in Bolivia and Brazil, I don’t think of making rice as a challenge because we made it pretty much twice a day every day (and sometimes three times a day if we were making sweet rice for breakfast). But I hear that not everyone knows how to make simple, fluffy, white rice.

Aug 292011
What to do for Bee Stings

A couple nights ago we had a pizza contest party in our back yard. Seventeen adults and as many children swarmed around the table as teams brought out their entries one pizza at a time. The contest began in daylight, but the sun had set before the last of the pizzas were out. In fact,

Jun 072011
How to Make Probiotic Yogurt

Benefits of Probiotic Yogurts I’m a firm believer in probiotics for colon and overall health and immunity. Our western lifestyle of stress, processed foods and too much sugar–combined with use of antibiotics–all work to deplete the colon’s supply of good bacteria that keep pathogens away, help digest the foods we eat, and keep harmful levels