Aug 132015
Folded Heart: 1 Pattern, 3 Ways

After perfecting the easy method for book folding, I’ve now started experimenting with variations of a single pattern. This folded heart book shows the result of two variations on the original method for folding a book into a word or image. In both variations, I skip a page every few folds. Well, sort of. There

Apr 102014
Simplified Folded Book Art

If you’ve ever seen books with the pages folded into the shape of words and wondered how the heck it’s done, here is one method. I’ve seen methods that use precise mathematical calculations for each page and the use of a ruler for each fold. Thanks to my laziness, I came up with this simpler

Jul 112013
DIY Chandelier with Solar Lights

Here in an easy and inexpensive solar powered chandelier you can make for your next garden or beach party. This poor bicycle rim has gone through several incarnations–first as a wind-powered water pump, then as a floating garden, then a baby float, and finally this solar chandelier (oh the things you can make with free

Jul 032013
How to Lengthen Curtains

My sister and I recently remodeled Mom’s bedroom to give it a fresher, more country look. It was originally a deep golden yellow with orange-ish dark wood trim and doors, and we changed the color scheme to light blue and white with dark brown accents, after something we saw in a Better Homes and Gardens

Jan 252013
Rustic Country Door Frame

One of the home decor projects I’ve been putting off for a long time was the framing out of our kitchen entryway. I wanted it to look rustic and artsy. The entryway is wide and awkwardly angled. My fear was that it would be tricky to get the right angles on the wood beams, and

Dec 212012
Throw a New Years in New York Party and Help Victims of Sandy

For many, the holiday season is a time of parties, togetherness, gifts and good cheer. But for some, it is a time of loneliness and despair. Recent disasters and senseless violence threaten to overshadow all that is good in our holiday celebrations. Is it best to let grief silence our joy, or can we, in

Dec 062012
How to Make Felted Soap.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy gift idea, here is one that is both beautiful and appropriate for anyone on your list—scented felted soaps. Felted soaps are said to last longer than soap that is left open on a dish. And the felting around them serves the double purpose of exfoliator. Soap felting

Nov 182012
Make a Chandelier out of Hangers

I am so excited about this project! I first saw a chandelier made out of hangers about a month ago in a store window downtown and thought it was crystal. On close inspection, it was made out of clear acrylic hangers. I went home and looked on the Internet for more design and found all

Sep 192012
Prettiest Non-Professional Wing Chair Upholstery Ever

This is the chair I’ve been dreading to reupholster ever since I brought it home from someone’s trash. In fact, the reason I did the front loader bearing repair job was to warm-up to this nightmare of a DIY project. Was it harder than the washer repair job? Well, yes and no. It was less