Sep 192012
Prettiest Non-Professional Wing Chair Upholstery Ever

This is the chair I’ve been dreading to reupholster ever since I brought it home from someone’s trash. In fact, the reason I did the front loader bearing repair job was to warm-up to this nightmare of a DIY project. Was it harder than the washer repair job? Well, yes and no. It was less

Aug 292012
Non-Professional Chair Upholstery at Home

Well, here is my first real upholstery job. If you recall, the previous chair upholstery project was done over the old fabric. This time I did it “right”–or as right as a non-professional can. A professional upholsterer would be shocked, I’m sure, with this video. I had to take apart the top part of the

Mar 052012
How to Remove Water Stain on Wood

See this ugly white water stain on our piano bench? The bench (and piano) aren’t even ours, which makes the stain even uglier. I intended to sand it down and refinish it before the owners claimed it back, but today that plan got replaced by a much easier way to remove water marks from wood

Jan 042012
Upcycled Shutters Side Table

This side table was one of the DIY gifts I made for Christmas after seeing a similar one on Pinterest. It’s made out of four window shutters someone brought over hoping we could “make something” of. I added a utility light under a hinged table top for indirect lighting if the recipient wanted that feature.

Jul 162011
Do It Yourself Furniture Upholstery

Because so many of you have asked, I’m going to show you how I upholstered my first piece of furniture. This method is not how a professional would do upholstery, but I want to show you that you can upholster a chair with nothing but a staple gun, a glue gun, and about $25 worth