Aug 132015
Folded Heart: 1 Pattern, 3 Ways

After perfecting the easy method for book folding, I’ve now started experimenting with variations of a single pattern. This folded heart book shows the result of two variations on the original method for folding a book into a word or image. In both variations, I skip a page every few folds. Well, sort of. There

Apr 102014
Simplified Folded Book Art

If you’ve ever seen books with the pages folded into the shape of words and wondered how the heck it’s done, here is one method. I’ve seen methods that use precise mathematical calculations for each page and the use of a ruler for each fold. Thanks to my laziness, I came up with this simpler

Dec 062012
How to Make Felted Soap.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy gift idea, here is one that is both beautiful and appropriate for anyone on your list—scented felted soaps. Felted soaps are said to last longer than soap that is left open on a dish. And the felting around them serves the double purpose of exfoliator. Soap felting

Dec 142011
How to Make a Hardcover Book

The earliest present I remember receiving was on my fifth birthday. A neighbor girl—who was about ten—gave me a notebook and pen (or perhaps it was a pencil). I was so ecstatic to have my own blank notebook that I didn’t even care some of the pages had been torn out. I knew then that

Nov 292011
10 Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas

I grew up in a family with eight kids, and we never had money for extravagant gifts. For Christmas, we drew names and one person would buy one other person a gift. That was it (well, except for the occasional gag gift like the time my sisters got me a size D bra when I

Nov 282011
Faux Melted Silver Ore Earrings

You are seriously going to laugh at how easy and inexpensive it is to make these look-alike melted silver earrings! It took me probably 10 minutes to set up and finish a pair of earrings. The “molten silver ore” is nothing but hot glue drizzled into a cup of ice water. After that, all you

Nov 182011
How to Make a Felt Hat

I’ve been working on a “ten things you can make for Christmas gifts” list, so when a friend gave me a huge piece of heavy gray wool fabric, I decided to try making felt hats for the list (shrunken wool = felt). I watched at least an hour’s worth of millinery (hat making) videos, took

Nov 182011
How to Make a Felt Hat (2)

Did I mention felt is fun to work with? Every bit of scrap can be used for making interesting designs on or around the hat!   Next steps for making the hat above: 5. Place the dome back on the head form. Take another piece of felt or faux fur and pin it around the

Nov 072011
Wine Gift Idea for the Holidays

This post is for the business-minded holiday shopper. Wine gift baskets are traditional gifts given during this Christmas/Hanukkah season, but they can be expensive. If you’re on this site, it’s probably because you’re running a tight budget and need to find high-ends gifts for your friends or clients without spending too much money. Here is