Feb 092016
Printable Skin Prototype

I’ve been working at an artist’s print studio for a couple years now and getting acquainted with all the forms of printing–linoprinting, woodcut, lithography, monoprinting, etching, etc. I have not had much hands on in the studio. Mainly, what I’ve gained has been from observation. But I know that “what goes in” to this weird

Feb 132014
Latex-Like Frog Face Makeup

This frog face makeup is yet another in a series of fauxtex makeup ideas for Halloween or costume parties. It is ideal for people who are allergic to real latex. Fauxtex is a homemade substitute for latex made with tapioca flour, water, gelatin and solid coconut oil (though the oil is optional). It is easy

Sep 072013
Homemade Reptilian FX Makeup

The first time I cooked up a batch of fauxtex (homemade latex), I used it to make a Halloween Zombie effect. But I also wanted to see how this latex substitute could be used for non-gory makeup, so I did this reptilian skin makeup as an example of how you can use fauxtex for movie-quality

Aug 192013
Best Homemade Body Paint

I’ve recently been experimenting with homemade body paints, and after trying all the recipes online and getting bad results, I did my own series of experiments using cheap items I had around the house. I’m glad to report that you can get very good theatrical makeup results with cheap materials. First, I’ll tell you what

Jun 182013
Couture Waders

When I made these couture waders, I had no idea Prada had already brought waders into the world of high fashion. My waders were made out of necessity. I often have to wade into our mucky irrigation pond, and the water boots I had were too short. Also, fishermen’s waders were too big and too

May 062013
The Art of Steampunk Fashion

This week is the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. And tonight is the ball where all the celebs display their designers’ interpretations of punk. Of course I wanna be there, so–as we sometimes do with the Oscars here at home–I’m “going to the MET ball” right

Dec 212012
Throw a New Years in New York Party and Help Victims of Sandy

For many, the holiday season is a time of parties, togetherness, gifts and good cheer. But for some, it is a time of loneliness and despair. Recent disasters and senseless violence threaten to overshadow all that is good in our holiday celebrations. Is it best to let grief silence our joy, or can we, in

Dec 192012
How to Re-size the Little Black Dress

There is nothing more basic to a woman’s closet than the little black dress. It is simple, yet elegant; tailored, yet comfortable. And every girl should have one. This post is for those who can’t afford to buy the perfect little black Rebecca Taylor dress (even on on sale). This post is for those who,

Oct 242012
Easy Elegant Neck Wrap

My new kick these days is combining the drab with the elegant to bring out a new kind of beauty. It’s somewhat steampunk, but not as mechanical. You could call it “District 13 Comeback” style. This neck wrap is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. It’s silk wrapped with dirty gauze, strung together

Oct 012012
Fauxtex: Homemade Disposable Alternative to Latex

As promised, here is the new and greatly improved recipe for homemade latex substitute for use in FX makeup. After posting last year’s recipe, I received numerous questions about the uses of the latex substitute. Most of you wanted to know if you could make molds out of the recipe and if it could be