Jun 222013
How to DRAW MY LIFE for Youtube

I just finished one of the hardest Youtube videos I’ve ever done. It’s a DRAW MY LIFE video done in simple black and white drawings that condenses my 50-some years on this planet into seven minutes. After watching several other DRAW MY LIFE videos on Youtube and being immensely entertained and informed, I thought it

Nov 022011
Kindle Fire Product Review for Dummies

There are plenty of product reviews for the Kindle Fire for techie people out there. This is not one of them. I’m writing to people like me who have never used a smart phone or a tablet, whether Apple or Android, and who want to know if it’s easy to use Amazon’s Kindle Fire e-reader

Oct 242011
DIY Upcycled Table Lamps and More

Recently I’ve been inspired to turn thrift store lighting parts into fancy or funky table lamps and pendant lights. My two greatest sources of inspiration? Talking to Savvy Practicality for hours about things you can get at a dollar store to incorporate into light fixtures (I haven’t tried the ping pong idea yet), and the

Jul 272011
Volkswagen Passat Oil Filter Change

Yesterday I decided to change the oil in my 2003 1.8 Turbo Passat (even though I’ve never changed the oil in a vehicle before), and went looking for pictures or videos about oil/filter changing in online VW forums, but found NOTHING with much detail. Very frustrating. Even my Passat manual didn’t have pictures of an

Mar 162011
Technology in 2011: a Customer Survey

When I started this blog, I added a technology category because I like computers and thought I’d be showing people how to do web design and photoshop editing and such. I haven’t written up a technology project yet, but the stuff is always buzzing around my brain and I get excited when the topic comes