Jun 122013
Easy Floating Garden

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to make a floating garden for a backyard pond. I’ve had an ongoing battle with my pond trying to keep the algae from taking over. One thing I did was buy a bunch of goldfish to eat the algae. I started with 50 goldfish and now thanks to

Nov 022012
How to Kill Aspen Tree Suckers

This is the sad saga of our efforts to control the suckers from the beautiful aspen tree in our back yard lawn. We have two gorgeous trees growing in the middle of our back lawn. One is an aspen and the other a birch. This year the aspen decided to multiply via suckers all over

Jul 242012
Alternative Wind Energy from Bicycle Parts

This summer has been a whirlwind of projects using either PVC or bicycle parts or both. After making the deer deterrent with two bicycle wheels and the hand-pump water gun with PVC, I wondered if I could combine the two into an energy-saving, wind-powered water pump. I did, but it took a LOT of tweaking

Jul 062012
Rain Water Collection

Though we live in the high desert, it does rain torrentially sometimes, so we wanted to set up a rain collection system for the vegetable garden that we expanded last year. Though the system consists of nothing but gutters and a rain barrel (or a poly water tank) , setting it up does take some

Jul 042012
Vegetable Garden Pathway Covers

Usually I’d say you should save as much money as possible with whatever you’re buying, but when it comes to garden pathway covers, you will lose money in the long run if you go cheap. That’s exactly what happened with part of our garden plans last year. We had some heavy-duty ground cloth that we

Jun 192012
Make a Modern Scarecrow/Deer Deterrent

Even though it’s been too cold to garden this spring, somehow my sister has managed to make a few vegetables grow in our garden anyway. In fact, they’ve grown tall enough for deer to notice. That wouldn’t be a problem if our wind wall wrapped around the entire garden area, but it doesn’t. There are

May 232012
Best DIY Pond Cleaning Gadget EVER

This is a short rave about a small gadget that I’m in love with. After fighting with pond algae and scum all last year and into this year, I was at my wit’s end. I got a lot of scum out with the pool skimmer, but each scoop was very heavy and hard on my

May 232012
Vegetable Garden Setup

This series of posts is almost a year late. Last year my sister and I decided to get serious about vegetable gardening, so we moved the few beds that were on the north side of the property into a 40’x30′ plot on the south side. We had avoided the south side before because of the

Feb 032012
How to Kill a Bee's Nest

You may remember my post about a party we had this summer where a bunch of kids were running around the yard and ran into a yellow jacket nest in the ground (and in the dark). Our first concern was to figure out what to do for the bee stings. Since it was dark out,

Jan 262012
Cold Zone Gardening: Frost Protection

Thanks to the recession, my sister and I no longer have the option of not growing our own food. Unfortunately, we live in the high desert region of Central Oregon where the hardiness zone is technically 5, but where you have to be prepared year-round for the possibility of frost at night. Last summer we invested