Nov 142011
Make an Outdoor Pendant Luminary

After experimenting with pond algae as an alternative heating fuel, I experimented further and made this outdoor pendant lamp using chicken wire and algae. It’s a very inexpensive and easy way to make a lighted garden sculpture. The chicken wire allows you you to easily create any shape you want, and if you have an

Oct 312011
Design a Harvest Bouquet

It’s fall, all the garden produce has gone to seed and it’s time to till everything back into the ground. But before doing that, why not turn your garden produce into a lovely harvest bouquet? The Thanksgiving table could always use a centerpiece with a harvest design, so you might as well put your veggies

Oct 172011
Measuring a Cord of Firewood

For all my “I can do it myself, thank you” attitude, I have to admit there are quite a few things that are best not done yourself. Sometimes you have to lean on friends. Sometimes being a part of a community is the more sensible way to go. Getting a couple cords of firewood for

Aug 292011
What to do for Bee Stings

A couple nights ago we had a pizza contest party in our back yard. Seventeen adults and as many children swarmed around the table as teams brought out their entries one pizza at a time. The contest began in daylight, but the sun had set before the last of the pizzas were out. In fact,

Aug 242011
DIY Irrigation System Repair

It’s ironic that the year I chose to start a blog about DIY house and yard projects, I’ve had more irrigation repair issues than in any other of the eleven years we’ve lived on this property. I take it as confirmation that this site was meant to be. One of the repairs I had to

Aug 062011
Vegetable Garden Drip Irrigation Installation

The best kind of irrigation installation for vegetable gardens is a drip system. Drip irrigation systems save water, ensure that vegetable gardens get water where they need it—at the root of each plant instead of on their leaves, and save time spent on weeding because water delivery can be focused on a small area instead

Jul 022011
How to Repurpose a Wasted Space

Now that we have the garden set up on the south side of the house, it’s become a little bit of a nuisance to trek all the way to the north pole of the property for storage. My sister has a ton of nocturnal plant covers and quite a few daytime tools that need a