Mar 042011

Zombie effects makeup

Make Zombie FX Makeup

This zombie makeup uses a variation on my Homemade Latex Substitute recipe. The same ingredients but a different method so the end result is much more “gummy” than the standard fauxtex.
In the regular recipe, you will add all the ingredients into the pan and cook. In this recipe the GELATIN is added AFTER REMOVING THE PAN FROM HEAT. You will then have to stir in the gelatin for a good five minutes to completely dissolve it in the gummy tapioca mix. Once you don’t see any more granules, let the mixture sit TWO HOURS to cool and set. Apply with a plastic knife as I did in the video below.
You may also try adding stuff to this makeup, such as toilet paper for a different texture, or peas stuck right into the makeup for a different kind of bulk. Experiment. Come back and show us your stuff.

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  9 Responses to “Homemade Special Effects Zombie Makeup”

  1. So I’m doing this 20 time project at school and I want to make fate cuts and make people look like zombies will this recipe work to that or no

    • Oh, it will work extremely well for that. Just spread it on warm (or spoon it on or glop it on), let it set at least 20 minutes, then paint it with fake blood and other makeup. Have fun!

  2. Hmm. How moldable is this? Could I make, say, tentacles out of it? Can you powder it like you would regular liquid latex or makeup to remove tackiness? I need to cover over a badly-painted headpiece and then add tentacles, and this seems like it would be a good substitute for the expensive latex or the slow-curing carpet adhesive.

    • This is very moldable–if you use the recipe with two packets of gelatin. I’ve actually done tentacles with it. The trick is to put a strip of fabric inside the mold to hold the tentacle shape without it breaking.
      This will keep a couple weeks if not refrigerated and about three days if left open on the counter. Definitely a low-cost, temporary alternative to latex.
      Yes, powdering it is the perfect way to make it non-sticky. And I always use hand sanitizer (gel alcohol) while I’m working with it to keep it from sticking to my fingers as well.
      Let me know if you try this and how it turns out!

      • That makes me extremely happy. I will have to play around with it, and I’ll post some pictures of the finished piece. So to keep it longer than a few days it needs to be refrigerated (I assumed such, due to the gelatin content). I’ll need it for a three-day event, but I wanted to go ahead and make it for some preview photos and to make sure that it would work for me.

        Is there anything you could think of that might make it last longer unrefrigerated, or is it just because of the gelatin content melting?

        • Yes, do practice with it first. It’s going to be tricky removing the mask and reusing it, though with a lot of care it can be done (use a plastic knife to pry the edges off. And you can smooth the edges out when it is off your face with a hot knife). The reason this recipe does not keep for long is that it is meant to be non-toxic, so basically it’s “food” and will spoil (mold–not melt) like food. I really haven’t experimented with preservatives, but you could try recipes with gelatin and glycerin (though you have to make a lot more than most recipes call for). The tapioca recipe makes a larger batch at a lower cost.
          Anyway, would love to hear how your experiment goes!

        • Oops. Elmer, I just realized you are looking at a different recipe than I was thinking of. Please go to my FAUXTEX recipe page and look at the recipe with two packets of gelatin to see what I’m referring to.

  3. Hi, I was wondering how water resistant the Fautex is? I’m shooting a zombie scene, in a place where my zombies will get wet.

    • That’s a great question! I’ll have to run a series of “situational tests” on the fauxtex. All I can tell you right now (cuz I tried this yesterday) is that running a bit of cold water over the fauxtex will actually help the surface gel. I don’t know how long or how hard or what the temperature of the water is that you’ll be using, but I know you will be safe with a bit of cold water on the fx makeup.
      Hope you have a blast!