Zombie effects makeup

person made up to look like Zombie using tapioca-based special effects makeup

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  1. Olá adoreia ideia pratica e fácil mas gostaria de saber a fixação como é feita e a durabilidade desse produto é apenas para fazer e ser utilizada pode guardar..?

  2. Is there a gentle way to take this off? We used this recipe, but it hurts really bad to take off and left our skin bright red.

    • Shawn, I’m sorry about your experience. Any heavy-duty FX makeup you put on is going to leave your skin red and stinging for a little while after you take it off, especially around the edges. But you may have extra sensitive skin, in which case you should stay away from any FX makeup. If you still want to use this, try putting a warm, wet washcloth over the makeup for a couple minutes before peeling it off, ok?
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • I’ve done lots of zombie looks especially with plain school glue and toilet paper. It hurt coming off so I made sure to let it come off on its own by letting it soak in the shower for a while. That makes it much easier coming off. 🙂

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