Sep 062011

update an old chandelier

Update an old-style chandelier

Thanks to a budget warn thin this summer, I’ve had to take our old granny-style chandeliers and update them with paint instead of buying new lighting for a room we’re renovating.
I’m glad we were out of money, because I think the final chandelier update is quite elegant. I’d been looking for nice shades to switch out for the tacky frosted glass ones on the existing chandelier, but found that the cheapest ones we liked cost $20. Each. That would have been $20 times 13 for the three chandeliers being updated. Not a chance.
So out came the box of Porcelaine paints a friend found at a garage sale, and here is the updated result. The stemwork of the chandelier was spraypainted grey, and the shades were done in yellow petals and a white background.

granny-style chandelierupdating an old chandelierupdate chandelier lightingupdated chandelier

My advice on a chandelier update? Paint it first.

  3 Responses to “How to Update an Old Chandelier”

  1. Marty,
    I love the way these chandeliers turned out!!! Now I am trying to figure out where I can get porcelain paint. I’m gonna email you about a project that just gave me an idea for! I have about 20 globes that are awful around here and I would love to paint them. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Maybe you should buy a few more of these at garage sales, paint them, and re-sell them! This is a beautiful and super-trendy look for chandeliers. I wouldn’t have thought to use flat gray paint, but it gives the chandelier a contemporary edge. Love it!

  3. Ah, yes, thanks! Please substitute 2 tbsp crisco shortening for the gelatin in the vegan recipe.